Paris Hilton prosecutor arrested for crack

Oh dear, one time  Vegas Deputy District Attorney David Schubert   who made his name pursing celebrities on drugs charges to increase his own fame and has fallen victim of his vanity its is reported in the Daily Mail as he is busted on Crack cocaine charges.   Now he faces a criminal investigation  after police allegedly caught him buying crack cocaine through a street dealer - who claimed Schubert buys $40 of cocaine  three or four times a week.

A patrol officer stopped the deputy district attorney's BMW in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon when he spotted what he thought was a drugs transaction.

According to an arrest report seen by TMZ, the officer watched Schubert pick up a black man from an apartment block, then drive to another address where he dropped him off.  Schubert drove round for several minutes and then picked up the man again, police claim. The officer pulled the car over, but the suspected dealer jumped out and fled. Police gave chase and took him into custody. According to the arrest report, the man, named as Raymond Streeter, told officers he knew Schubert as 'Joe'. In 2011 he prosecuted  Paris Hilton, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanour charges after police found 0.8grams of cocaine in her handbag.

Drug temptation is everywhere... his career is now over, whilst its probable that its justified in this case, treatment is a better answer...
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Paris Hilton prosecutor arrested for crack
Paris Hilton prosecutor arrested for crack
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