Mephedrone to be banned after deaths

After two teenagers die after taking the "Legal High" Mephedrone it looks likely that the latest designer drug is likely to be banned soon by the government.  Whether it was the drug on its own, a contaminated batch or a cocktail of the substance the users had taken there is a backlash against the drug.  Openly sold as a plant fertilizer with warnings not for human consumption Mephedrone is being used by it seems hundreds of thousands of people each week around the UK.  Including many young children.

When are we going to learn our lesson on these drugs?  If it is banned the profit from Legal Highs will mean a chemist will create another similar cocktail within a short space of time.  The next one could be even more dangerous.  It is a known fact that some already illegal substances are safe for human consumption than many other human activities (Ecstasy is safer to take than to go horse riding). Instead of using human guinea pigs on these new substances, raise revenue and protect the public by selling state manufactured Ecstasy, we do with Alcohol.  Yes this is not without problems but at least people will be able to make an informed choice in the knowledge that the substance is pure.  With warnings not to take it in certain conditions.

We need to act on recreational drugs in an enlightened way, not the current reactionary way that criminalises law abiding people.

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Mephedrone to be banned after deaths
Mephedrone to be banned after deaths
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