Governments make things worse as always

Talking of legal highs, now Methadrone has been banned by the previous government it is being announced by hospitals that one of its replacement drugs is now much worse, with symptoms being more adverse and with more hospital casualties.  Ivory Wave create feelings of hallucinations and agitation and sometimes aggression which doesn't sound very specific.

History is littered with these stories of meddling leading to worse creations and more deaths and destruction.  Heroin was invented as a substitute to Opium only to discover it was in fact more addictive not less. Lea Betts died due to misunderstanding advice about the consumption of water whilst taking ecstasy.

Isn't it time the government stopped making the youth into lab rats and started offering them an alternative that was tested, graded and safer than stuff labelled as plant food? Products with government warning labels  and heavy taxation are the way forward.

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Governments make things worse as always
Governments make things worse as always
Reviewed by Merlyn Rosell
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