Welcome to the recreational drugs Blog

Welcome to my new blog all about recreational drugs which will also focus on club drugs. I aim to post new stories from the media and open discussions on my opinions and thoughts. Certain recreational drugs like alcohol (and it is a drug) are widely accept in society and sold legally and taxed etc. They have many health issues, do cause crime in various ways many of which are the reasons why the illegal drugs were banned in the first place. We aim to discuss this. If you are new to the world of recreational drugs or are a teenager just coming of age then a good starting point for learning more about drugs is the Fantazia site Recreational Drugs Section. We feature articles, games and more on some of the more popular drugs and some far rarers one. Click the link below to get started.

Fantazia Recreational Drugs Information

Do only use this as a starting point to any research as research changes all the time and what was true perhaps about drugs when something is written does not mean it will always be.

I don't condone the taking of drugs btw but I do think adults should be given choices over their own lives. Pushing people to buy drugs illegally is not senseable in a progressive society and certainly did not help America during the prohibition era. But lets discuss...
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Welcome to the recreational drugs Blog
Welcome to the recreational drugs Blog
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