Deadly batch of Ecstasy warning

It seems there is another batch of potential deadly ecstasy around. Following a batch last month that caused harm by being far stronger than is now normal for MDMA based drugs causing people to overdose when combining taking large numbers of ecstasy and other drugs and alcohol. This month Police have warned of a potentially fatal batch of MDMA in circulation in the UK after two clubbers in London were taken ill.

The problem with these warnings is that act as an attempt to blanket say, don't take drugs. They don't really help people who do want to use them and will use them. They do not protect you unless you abstain completely which is unlikely in many cases. If authorities really did care about peoples safety then legalisation and government prescribed sale and taxation is the way to go.

But here is the story.....

According to police in Islington, London, two clubbers were taken ill this weekend after taking the drug and are currently in a critical condition in hospital.

Detective Superintendent Adrian Usher from Islington Borough said, “All drug taking involves an element of risk. Users need to be aware that a potentially fatal batch of ecstasy is out there and understand the devastating effect it can have on their health.”

The batch is expected to have spread throughout London and police are warning clubbers to take extra care. Call Islington CID on 020 7421 0196 if you have any useful information
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Deadly batch of Ecstasy warning
Deadly batch of Ecstasy warning
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